Waste Management

Responsible for the planning, design, approvals, and operation of all solid waste landfills, including leachate and gas collection systems; operation of hauled sewage waste disposal sites; operation of landfill diversion programs (tires, appliances, electronic waste, etc.) and the administration of landfill tipping fees.

Responsible for the collection of solid waste (garbage); collection, processing, and marketing of blue box recyclables; collection and disposal of household hazardous waste; collection of leaf & yard trimmings; provision of backyard composters and all centralized composting activities of the City and the promotion and education of all 3R’s (reduce, reuse, recycling) activities.

Responsible for the management of clean-up initiatives, such as Adopt-a-Road, Adopt-a-Spot, Adopt-a-Bin, anti-litter awareness and education, Derelict Motor Vehicle Removal & Recycling Program, Annual Clean-up Blitz, School Clean Sweep Contest, Cleanest School Yard Contest and 40 Hours of Community Service for Clean-ups.

Responsible for the management of the Waste Optimization Study. This study is being conducted in order to increase waste diversion efforts and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The study has followed a phased approach and will include: a compilation of baseline data; a review and assessment of waste collection and processing options; an examination of landfill gas utilization options; and project documentation.

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