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You’ll find plenty of employment and educational resources in this area of Explore our Learning & Working section.
Adult Learning Whether you’re looking to improve your literacy skills or upgrade those skills you’ve already attained, you can find the information here to help you get there.
Distance / Independent Study / Online Learning Many people choose independent study over the conventional classroom setting for many reasons.  Independent study can allow you to complete your coursework without attending class.  In this section you will find links and information on both distance and online learning for all ages – from elementary to post secondary.
Elementary and Secondary Education / Transportation Your community has no shortage of schools to send your children to, with four school boards and three private schools operating in the city. You’ll also find their transportation information.
Employment / Employer Resources Whether you’re a job seeker or an employer seeking an employee or someone wanting to improve their job skills, you’ll find many resources to assist you in this section.
Libraries Visit your campus library or check out Greater Sudbury’s Public Library to find a branch near you or reserve a book and more.
Online Job Listings and Job Boards We have a variety of online job listings including local newspapers, government, and private sector listings.
Ontario’s Education Ministries In Ontario, the Minister of Education and the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities are responsible for the administration of laws relating to education and skills training. Their sites offer resources for parents, students, teachers and administrators.
Post Secondary Education Sudbury has become the education capital of the north largely because of its post secondary institutions. Besides a university and two colleges, Sudbury is home of Canada’s newest Medical School. Sudbury is also home to a wealth of private post secondary and training institutes.
Special Needs
This section’s intent is to educate and inform all of the services available within Greater Sudbury.
Student Resources Are you looking for information on RESPs? Do you need to apply for OSAP? Visit out Student Resources section for this information and more.
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