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Help us grow! 

Are you interested in becoming a content contributor to  You can contribute content to if you’re an individual, business or community group who resides within the City of Greater Sudbury.  There are some exceptions to this general rule.  For the full details on our eligibility requirements please see our Terms of Use Policy. conforms to the “laws of the land” and does not accept content that is considered racist, incites hatred or anything of a pornographic nature. reserves the right to remove any content if it is deemed inappropriate, and anyone turned down as a contributor has the right to an appeal.  Parents are responsible for supervising content contributors under the age of 18.  Our Terms of Use Policy has all the details on this.

There are several ways that you can contribute content:

A) Content Submissions

If you have a website link, an article, an upcoming event, or an announcement and would like to contribute it to, please send an email to or send your contribution


Be sure to include who you are, a link to what you’d like to share, or attach the article, and your contact information, and a sentence that gives us permission to use your submission within the website.  Remember – is for the community of Greater Sudbury and in order to accept your submission you have to meet the eligibility requirements.  Anonymous submissions will not be used.


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