The Different Uses of a Boom Truck

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A boom truck is used for different types of purposes including the transportation of heavy items and machinery. These trucks can also you transfer or relocated heavy machinery and other heavy things to those areas that are inaccessible such as a ditch or a hillside and even at the top of a building.

Boom trucks are high-end vehicles but they are no doubt strong and can help out in many ways. The boom trucks for sale can range to size as high as a class 8 tractor trailer. It can reach very high using the mechanism of hydraulic lifting that is mounted on the bed. It is not always that the upper end of the truck will have a hook for holding and suspending heavy materials.

The boom trucks for sale can also be mounted with a covered platform that can be used by workers to stand and do some work. The truck can be used for a number of purposes making it a very popular construction vehicle too.

boom trucks for sale

Difference between Boom Truck and Crane

Although boom trucks and cranes are almost similar and also look pretty same the main difference between the two is that the boom trucks for sale are used for lifting up workers in small cabins to inaccessible heights so that they can carry out their works like painting walls, fixing electrical units and so on.

When it comes to a crane, it does not have any bucket or platform that would hold the workers and lift them up. It is exclusively used for lifting and transporting heavy materials such as concrete structures, iron structures and so on.

Here are the different uses of a boom truck:

Transporting worker to higher elevation

Sometimes ladders are just not reachable to certain heights and it is also not a safe option. This is when a boom truck plays an important role. Boom trucks can transport workers to higher elevations and also let them work as long as they need.

boom truck

Can be used as a crane too

Cranes may not be able to use as a boom truck as they are used to lift and move heavy materials, but when it comes to a boom truck, it can also be used as a crane with its hydraulic extension.

Used as a flatbed truck

In many work sites, the need for both trucks and cranes arises. This means both the vehicles are to be hired. However, depending on the materials the boom trucks can also be used for transporting goods, unlike the normal trucks. This would eliminate the need for hiring two different types of trucks and save the additional cost.

When compared to a crane, the activities are very similar but boom trucks for sale have the capability of transporting a small crane and also used for transferring load from one location to another. It is more versatile in terms of capability and is also well within the normal budget. Click here to read more news on industrial and construction business!

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