Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6: excess is not necessary

Global glitterati come every year to experience life to its fullest, from either the Cresta Run to the legendary Dracula Club of Gunter Sachs. Of course, a very glamorous means of transport, but also a little… is boring? And we planned this winter to conquer that mountainous Engadine separately. With  the direct route across the state the Hill and dale mountains and valleys, across the ice as well as deep snow.

g63 amg

The monster G-class from Down Under

The six-wheeled Mercedes-Benz G-Class has only been authorized for Australian military use since lately, in which it proved to become the right tool for carrying heavier loads via the Outback. A computer made for real men, the kind that washes red dust with whiskey at sunset through their throats. But now, in a slim, strictly limited edition collection, Mercedes-AMG has launched a production version of the beast. This is the featuring technology for hard-core rallying. And a fantastic horsepower of 544 is included in g63 amg. The physical appearance of that same Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 becomes even more remarkable than the performance of both the twin-turbo V8: because it booms as well as roars across Swiss mountain cows, the village is terrified and mothers closely pull their children to them. Attach our ride to King Kong as well as Godzilla and we would have a well-matched set.

g63 amg

First Class travel on six wheels

Our German colossus dwarfs many SUVs at 2,30 meters high, 2,10 meters wide as well as 5,87 meters long until we look like pure toys in our path. Try to climb into the trucker-style cockpit (kudos to the near-meter-high off-road tires, the gap from the floor is enormous), and one is immediately in a different world. G63 AMG has built a rugged but luxurious setting in Alcantara as well as carbon in the six-wheeled off-road behemoth cabin, including heated or ventilated seats providing a First Class atmosphere. The topography of just the mountain range is shown by a broad color display, whereas the red light of just the tire-pressure control system onto the rear-view mirror shows the military authenticity of the vehicle.

g63 amg

Beware the bus

Nevertheless, a little pressure on the accelerator is sufficient to quit well behind your psychological comfort zone. G63 AMG’s huge 5.5-liter V8 bi-turbo engine violently drives forward on the 760Nm torque, seven-speed automated blipping via the gears, and if it were not for the local Postbus, meeting us suddenly on the road to the Julier Pass, they could have overlooked cleanly the dimensions of our enormous cruiser. Its time to exit the roads and test the ‘big G’ skills properly.

The near-on half-meter ground clearance is key onto the snow-covered forest paths that we walk through the dark and the evergreen woods: owing to the military underpinnings, indeed the rocks that we find concealed under the ice cover were no problem. Our dampers is Öhlins, paired with springs which can easily absorb any shock, as well as the five differential locks enable everyone not to lose traction also in deep snow. We spared a sample of the incredible wading depth of one meter–not because we underestimated the capacity of the G-Class, but also because we thought that we must leave the frozen mountain streams to a trout.

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